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3096 Tage (3096 Days) (2013)

A young Austrian girl is kidnapped and held in captivity for eight years. Based on the factual case of Natascha Kampusch.

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The Synopsis for 3096 Tage (3096 Days) (2013) 720p

Based on real life events. 10 years old Austrian girl, was kidnapped on March 03, 1998, on her way to school. She spent 8 and a half years under strict captivity by her kidnapper, and managed to survive one of the cruelest experiences a child should never have.

The Director and Players for 3096 Tage (3096 Days) (2013) 720p

[Director]Sherry Hormann
[Role:]Antonia Campbell-Hughes
[Role:]Amelia Pidgeon
[Role:]Thure Lindhardt

The Reviews for 3096 Tage (3096 Days) (2013) 720p

Distasteful...Reviewed byPaul Magne HaakonsenVote: 3/10

As awful and gruesome as the actual story of Natascha Kampusch was and is, then having seen this movie, I must admit that I sit here with a somewhat foul taste in my mouth. Parts of me are appalled that this was actually turned into a movie - and whether it be for telling her story or making a profit matters not - then there is no particular need to put sick stories like this on the movie screen. So what is next a movie about Josef Fritzl?

The story was directed and told nicely enough, but still not really something that the world of cinema needed to have added to its vault. However, all throughout the movie, there was just something profound lacking from the story to really portray that Natascha was being kept against her will - it just wasn't there, so whether it was a flaw on the directing or the acting, I have no idea.

One thing that always puzzles me is why they don't make these kind of movies in the appropriate language according to where they take place? It was really discrediting to the story that people were speaking British English throughout the entire movie.

Thure Lindhardt, playing Wolfgang Priklopil, was the one carrying this movie by all means. He put on a great performance, but towards the end it turned a bit tedious.

"3096 Days" (or "3096 Tage") is a slow paced movie that deals with a rather horrible story. And we all have different opinions about such matters, and mine is that it is really distasteful to cash in on horrible events such as this. I can understand why Nastascha Kampusch would write the book that she did to help deal with what she went through, but this movie was entirely unnecessary and shouldn't have seen the light of day.

my opinion on this filmReviewed bydestroythemachineVote: 1/10

so i started watching this with a interesting pull in with the girl on a ski hill and a glimpse of hope. than it flashed back for a good hour of low budget sadness in a nutshell. by the time i made it through some of the discerning scenes i finally gave up. i guess this film is not for me. i rated this a 1-10 due to the lack of creativity (despite it being a true story) they could have focused on creativity rather than the Objectionable scenes. i can't tell you how it ends because i didn't bother finishing it but its a movie that is too much for me to bother watching..

its not a film for everybody but I'm sure its for somebody out there

Potentially the best drama - Ruined by amateur editionReviewed byFabio CorreaVote: 5/10

I came to this film without any assumptions, nothing more than the hope to be told (more like summarized) the incredible story of what this lady had to go through.

Characters were well developed by the the writing staff as well as the actors. The actors with English as a second language had some trouble with their characterizations, they looked a bit stiff/expositive at some times.

The real problem with this film was the editing. Lack of expertise was palpable in the way this film was cut. It lacked both cohesion and continuity. It looked like a photo reel at times. The notable exceptions were: the fantastic transition marking 4 years of captivity, and the transition to freedom. They were really well done, very professional. Then how come the rest of the editing is so amateurish?

The first minutes of film were rushed: Lady calls for help. Cut to little girl with her father in a bar. Cut to sleeping girl. Cut to angry mom, cut to walk to school, ... All in a few moments. It absolutely looked as a collection of takes of different girls in different situations.

There are several continuity errors distracting the viewer. The producers, director, and editors should have reviewed the edition with more detail. There were also some pointless decisions in the editing room, such as the first slow-motion scene, which had no purpose in being slow, and the focus on some window while dancing. No context, no purpose.

Although the writing was good, there are situations and lines of dialogue going sideways and getting lost. Vegetarianism, media bias, a drunk father, a joke, an establishing shot of a house with dimming lights which absolutely confuses and/or enrages.

The victim writing a secret list of received abuses, while calling them out, presumably for the viewer to hear, but at the same knowing that her captor is probably listening, is something which should have been written with more thought.

Original music for this film was rather scarce. I think it was well composed but original music should also have been put in important scenes of the film. These scenes were hurt because of that silence.

The rest of reviews for this film address other problems I agree with.

I think a director's cut is in order. After addressing these problems the film would be awesome. Also, this film's staff is in debt to this lady and her family; they should have been more careful with the editing and music, out of respect and sensibility, just as they were careful at writing, acting, producing. By the way, the sets were terrific, claustrophobic, overwhelming.

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