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A Dangerous Method (2011) 1080p

A look at how the intense relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud gives birth to psychoanalysis.

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The Synopsis for A Dangerous Method (2011) 1080p

Suffering from hysteria, Sabina Spielrein is hospitalized under the care of Dr. Carl Jung who has begun using Dr. Sigmund Freud's talking cure with some of his patients. Spielrain's psychological problems are deeply rooted in her childhood and violent father. She is highly intelligent however and hopes to be a doctor, eventually becoming a psychiatrist in her own right. The married Jung and Spielrein eventually become lovers. Jung and Freud develop an almost father-son relationship with Freud seeing the young Jung as his likely successor as the standard-bearer of his beliefs. A deep rift develops between them when Jung diverges from Freud's belief that while psychoanalysis can reveal the cause of psychological problems it cannot cure the patient.

The Director and Players for A Dangerous Method (2011) 1080p

[Role:Director]David Cronenberg
[Role:]Keira Knightley
[Role:]Viggo Mortensen
[Role:]Michael Fassbender

The Reviews for A Dangerous Method (2011) 1080p

A Nutshell Review: A Dangerous MethodReviewed byDICK STEELVote: 8/10

A Dangerous Method marks the third film that director David Cronenberg had collaborated with actor Viggo Mortensen, casting him as the famed Sigmund Freud in a tale that examines the relationship between three prominent scientists in the early days of psycho-analysis, with the other two being Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) and Sabina Spielrein (Keira Knightley), set in the early 1900s, adapting from the play The Talking Cure by Christopher Hampton, which in turn was based on the non fiction book A Most Dangerous Method by John Kerr.

While one of Cronenberg's most accessible films as are his other Mortensen starrers in recent years, the story based on real people provides that compelling watch as it takes the viewer on a relatively scientific journey full of hypotheses and theories on psychosis, psychiatry and sexuality even, listening keenly on heavy discussions that even the layman can pick up, and stay engaged that I won't deny may be attributed to the charismatic cast who play their real life counterparts with aplomb. Events that unfold and with scenes set in are based on real incidents, so that provides a bit of historical accuracy, albeit there's always that dramatic license adopted to tell a tale especially involving more private moments amongst the characters.

Michael Fassbender, Hollywood's recent It guy, sets the stage as Carl Jung, who in his active practice in a Swiss hospital sees him introduced to Sabina the patient, brought in from Russia and having treatment by Jung using Freud's methods. A correspondence with Freud results in the two spending time with each other exchanging ideas and concepts, forming a professional friendship although Jung admits to Sabina that he's a little bit wary and apprehensive. Who wouldn't be, when one takes another's theory and sees the results obtained when utilized.

It's a tale about professional rivalry, and how sometimes one's perception of friendship becomes totally jaded when feelings aren't really reciprocated in expected terms, such as when Jung shares his most intimate dreams with Freud for interpretation and analysis, much to his slight disgust for Freud's penchant for dissecting and co-relating everything in fairly sexual terms, but for the reverse to never happen because of the big fear that in doing so renders one vulnerable to the other. And this professional relationship turned rivalry under the most natural and expected terms, with Mortenssen and Fassbender disappearing into their roles thanks to heavy makeup, is what makes this somewhat like a mirror to our own personal life when we reflect upon our own friendships kept.

But with Keira Knightley's Sabina Spielrein in the picture, it provided an additional complexity between the two men, especially when Jung breaks the doctor-patient relationship and enters into a more intimate, sexual one with Sabina, in a certain way also goaded and encouraged by Otto Gross (Vincent Cassel in a minor role), to whom some proponents of free love will credit him for that concept. This adulterous relationship behind the back of Jung's wife Emma (Sarah Gadon) adds a tinge of danger and destruction to the professional life of Jung as it threatens to boil over, with Sabina's emotional instability, and threats of blackmail, especially when rumours and anonymous letters start to fly, points to a difficult resolution in having to confess one's deeds to a mentor or peer. It's not an easy thing to do, and instead of physical violence as seen in the other recent Cronenberg films in A History of Violence and Eastern Promises, this one sees more of a psychological tussle and one-upmanship between the three historical characters involved.

Lush in production values to bring back the early 20th century with sets, costumes, and even an ocean liner thrown in for good measure, what will result in A Dangerous Method will be that spark of interest to read up more about the true life characters involved in this story, to dig a little bit deeper into the theories they created and the ideas they each support and differ from one another. Knightley, without a signature look to hide behind, is memorable as Sabina in the introduction, fighting against her inner demons, and then growing into a confident professional complete with Russian accented English to boot.

Reviewed byfrancescof86Vote: 8/10/10

It's always difficult to review a movie based on psychology becausesometimes what's difficult to understand is too easily categorized asillogical or bad execution.I heard so much criticism towards the lastmovie by Cronenberg.I completely disagree with those bad reactions."Adangerous method"is a brilliant ,absorbing and thought provoking moviethat boasts excellent performances by the three leading actors.Thedirection is great and Cronenberg once again shows his uncommon abilityto tell a story in a very original way although the dialogs aresometimes hard to follow,probably due to its subject.But there arereally breathtaking moments such as the scenes of the Spielreintherapy.This leads me to Knightley performance.It was a brave,shockingand terrific performance that it was criticized without a reason.Ididn't catch all that hatred.She has always been so good("Pride eprejudice","Atonement" and "Never let me go")but here she left hercomfort zone to bare herself and gives one of the most exitingperformances of the year.Oscar worthy material.Fassbender was equallygreat in the role of Jung and it's a pleasure to watch this splendidrising A-list actor.Mortensen was good but I fear not as good asFassbender and Knightley.Cassell is always Cassell.He's a good actorbut he plays always the role of the daring man.I think that "Adangerous method" is one of the best movies of the year.It succeeds totranscend from his particular story to focus on the hidden instinctsassociated with the human nature.My vote is 8/10.

Reviewed byMovie GeekVote: 5/10/10

I can't remember the last time when I have been so much in disagreementwith the general critical response for a movie… Everywhere I look Iseem to hear and read high praises for Cronenberg's latest work, andyet I am willing to bet that few of those who claimed to like it somuch would be ready to watch it again. As far as I am concerned I amstruggling to find something positive to say (well, yes, nicecostumes…) and the only reason why my vote isn't any lower is because Iam willing to admit that I might have not been in the right mood forit. Even in his most flawed films, Cronenberg has always been aninteresting director, or at least able to create not only an almostpalpable atmosphere, but also a particularly defined style and visionwhich set him apart from the usual Hollywood crowd. And yet this oneseems a film with no direction whatsoever. Not only each sequence feltrandom and inconsequential as if not necessarily edited in the rightorder, without any real feeling of natural progression from theprevious one into the next, but also it was all so static and lifelessthat sometimes I even wondered whether anyone was actually directing atall. At no point I felt any sympathy for any of the character: in fact,not only I did not like any of them, but I didn't even hate themeither. I just didn't care. And this is is a rather strange thing tosay, because on paper, a film about the relationship between Carl Jungand Sigmund Freud (and consequently the birth of psychoanalysis)sounded to me very intriguing indeed. Sadly, pretty earlier on into "Adangerous Method" I realised that this wasn't really the type of film Iwas hoping to see. I found myself uneasy right from the word "go", thatis from the moment I saw Keira Knightley overacting like never beforeand stretching her chin to new unbelievable levels, as if screaming tothe audience "I want that Oscar!!". Well, darling, not this time. Then,after the early screams, it all calmed down a bit and the dialoguestarted… and that's when it got worse! For a film which should rely onwords more than action itself (especially given the static nature of itall), I found the script absolutely puerile. It all felt like it waswritten by a high school kid, who's just heard a few things about Freudand wants to impress his friend with his newly acquired knowledge. Imean, there are actually lines like "You Freud, have always sex in yourmind. Why does everything always has to do with sex?"! Really? MrHampton, who are you writing this script for? Surely your targetaudience doesn't need things spell out so boldly and blatantly. It waslike reading a checklist of all the possible clichés one could thinkabout psychoanalysis (and Freud in particular). Who is this film foranyway? At times it felt like it was so ridiculously basic, as if itwas written for people who have never even heard of Freud and Jung.Other times it was all so riddled with heavy handed quotes and so "upits own self" that it felt like watching some boring lecture given byan even more bored teacher, sitting on your old desk back in school.From such a renowned scriptwriter (he wrote Dangerous Liaisons andAtonement among the other things) I was expecting a lot more: maybe MrHampton should watch a few episodes of HBO's classy "In Treatment" tolearn a thing of two about the subtlety of bringing psychoanalysis tothe screen. As far as the two leading male actors (Fassbender andMortensen, who by the way was so good in both Cronenberg "A History ofViolence" and "Eastern Promises"), they were as good as they couldpossibly be, but in the end they both failed to impress, move, or evenraise any sort of emotion beyond boredom. But then again, that's hardlysurprising given both the script they were actually given and a clearlack of any direction, which forced them to talk at each other in themost contrived scenes and badly staged, where even the extras in thebackground seemed fake and moved slowly and gently like… erm…well,extras (particularly noticeable in the scene by the river). SorryDavid, not this time for me

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