A Mighty Heart (2007) 1080p YIFY Movie

A Mighty Heart (2007) 1080p

A Mighty Heart is a movie starring Angelina Jolie, Dan Futterman, and Irrfan Khan. Mariane Pearl embarks on a frantic search to locate her journalist husband, Daniel, when he goes missing in Pakistan.

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The Synopsis for A Mighty Heart (2007) 1080p

On January 23, 2002, Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl is to fly from Karachi to Dubai with his pregnant wife, Mariane, also a reporter. On the day before, with great care, he has arranged an interview in a café with an Islamic fundamentalist cleric. When Danny doesn't return, Mariane initiates a search. Pakistani police, American embassy personnel, and the FBI examine witnesses, phone records, e-mails, and hard drives. Who has him? Where is he? There's also the why: because of U.S. abuse of prisoners at Guantanamo, because of a history of Journal cooperation with the CIA, because Pearl is a Jew? Through it all, Mariane is clearheaded, direct, and determined.

The Director and Players for A Mighty Heart (2007) 1080p

[Director]Michael Winterbottom
[Role:]Archie Panjabi
[Role:]Irrfan Khan
[Role:]Angelina Jolie
[Role:]Dan Futterman

The Reviews for A Mighty Heart (2007) 1080p

PowerfulReviewed bymfaraz16Vote: 10/10

The movie is brilliant. Michale Winterbottom has done an amazing job to give the real feel to the movie. It is not a glossy painted Hollywood drama. Every character has done justice to their role, specially Angelina Jolie, who was brilliant.

The movie is shot in a way that artfully places the viewer into the chaos of Karachi As it unfolded, I could not shake the impression that this film would be a career-making achievement for Jolie; without apology, it is simultaneously an unabashedly political vehicle that does not fall victim to sloganeering or jingoism, as well as an effective and gripping re-telling of a story that is still fresh in the minds of the audience. I know a lot of people are criticizing the movie.. but the best thing about this movie was it does not points finger on anyone. The movie made me think about the time we are living in. It is a movie about a pain and struggle of women who lost her husband. Just go and watch the movie with an open mind ... we need to stop pointing fingers and just try to become a better person.

Inert movie provides vehicle for JolieReviewed bymitchabramsonVote: 1/10

As a Jew who has lived many years in Israel, and am passionately involved in correcting anti-Israeli propaganda, I found the movie curiously unaffecting. There is not a single scene of Jolie in which u r not aware she is the beautiful icon. You can see why she wanted the part: Happy, nervous, sad, anguished; all the emotional range an actress could dream for: each with her perfect curls and lighting to show her beauty. The movie is a whirlwind of frenzied cuts which show life in Kerachi, but there's nothing else really: leads, phone calls, emails, we all know what the end will be, so ultimately, there's really nothing here outside of Jolie's beautiful face. Not only is there no controversy, it's relatively tame: Jolie utters some nonsense about misery giving rise to Muslim extremism. It's the extremism that gives rise to the misery, dear. There's no relationship between poverty and radical Islam. Lastly, by leaving out the beheading, the movie sanitizes itself and makes Pearl's death less than it was. The death itself was something Pearl could give as example of Islamic madness, but there's no guts here. No great acting either. Jolie is MORE than Mrs. Pearl; she is Angelina Jolie, swamping the role with her presence, and having a great time acting while looking beautiful.

more of a story for lifetime TVReviewed byMLDinTNVote: 5/10

This movie did not have enough substance to deserve a theater release in my opinion. I could see this as A Lifetime TV movie of the week. The highlight was Anglina Jolie. She did a great acting job in this. Also I think the movie was released too long after the actual event. I didn't remember much about this case on the news. I just mainly remember a reporter was kidnapped and beheaded when demands weren't met. It should have been released maybe 3 years after the fact. And all the filler with the police tracing down leads was boring since you know they don't find Danny.

FINAL VERDICT: The only reason to watch this is if you really like Anglina Jolie.

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